Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Why is Firefox Running Slow - Why Firefox is Slow and How to Fix It

Have you been using Firefox for some time and recently realized that is slow? Loading the page takes longer than usual and sometimes just hangs. There is evidence of the connection to the Internet, but there is nothing wrong there. Everything else works perfectly fine if Firefox is slow.

The problem here lies in your Windows registry. The registry is the central storage for all the parameters of your operating system and installed applications. It contains information that Windows continually references during operation. It is the heart and brain of your system, so the registry errors have a considerable effect on the performance of your computer, including Firefox.

Each time you open your browser, a log is saved in the registry. Over time, containing a set of files from Firefox and related processes. Most of them are redundant and obsolete causing the record to be congested so why Firefox is slow. Windows does not automatically clean these invalid entries because it is an internal tool that makes this task. To speed up your Firefox browser, you must first have all the junk in your registry.

One way is manually. If you are very strong with computers, you can manually sift through the registry and get rid of redundant files and invalid browser related. Others may find that reinstalling Windows can go around giving you a clean slate.
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