Monday, 19 March 2012

Firefox Addons : Solutions to popular problems

Below I have listed four Firefox addons that offer free & good options, and also some of the expensive programs and Web services. These addons provide solutions to 6 popular problems;  1) to send large files, 2) file-sharing distance, 3) PC remote access, 4), FTP, 5) Download Accelerator, and 6) on-line storage. Get them and all of them at no cost.

1. Allpeers - File Transfer/ File Sharing Tool / Remote PC Access

• drag ‘n drop files on your contact name to initiate transfer
• secure file sharing with anyone from your contacts list(note: file recipient must have allpeers installed)
• integrated chat feature
• Tip: (How to access your home PC from work.): add allpeers addon to firefox portable using different username -> then add this username to allpeers contacts list on your home PC -> and share files you want to have access to. -> Once this done, you’ll be able to securely access your files from anywhere (work, college…etc) where you can connect your portable device (USB Thumbdrive/ Ipod…etc)
2. DownThemAll - Download Accelerator (fast and easy-to-use download manager/accelerator built for firefox).

• increase download speed up to 4 times
• error-free pause and resume download option
• either download all the links or images contained within a webpage or filter downloads by fully customizable criteria to get only what you need

3. FireFTP – FTP Client (this addon integrates secure, cross platform right into your browser)

• All standard FTP features
• In addition to standard stuff includes more advance features such as: directory comparison, syncing directories, SSL encryption, file hashing, and more
• note: when used in conjunction with Firefox version it may cause high CPU usage and major slowdowns, so if you plan to use try either sticking to firefox 2.0 or anything above version

4. Gspace - Online File Storage (addon that lets you turn your gmail account into powerful online storage service)
• drag’n drop files from your hard drive to gmail account
• access files from any PC
• integrated image viewer and mp3 player

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