Saturday, 17 March 2012

How to Fix Firefox Crashes

Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the most popular web browser in the world. Unfortunately, problems with plug-ins, websites and general operating system incompatibility occasionally cause Firefox to become unstable and crash. To prevent these crashes from occurring again, the cause of the crash needs to be identified so an effective fix can be implemented.


1.Take note of the action or circumstances leading to the fall. Pay special attention to the date of the accident and whether it occurred during the launch of Firefox, when trying to view a specific website, while trying to download a file or apparently at the time of a random manner.

2.Repeat the action that caused the accident to see if it causes Firefox crashes again.
Some accidents are caused by problems with memory or other external factors and can be a time of occurrence. The repetition of the action determines whether the accident was caused by errors in Firefox or if there were other factors involved.

3.Hold the "Shift" key down on your keyboard and relaunch Firefox. This will launch the application in "Safe Mode," disabling all plug-ins and themes. Repeat the action that caused the crash; if the problem was caused by a plug-in or theme then the crash will not occur this time. Open a new tab in Firefox and type "about: crashes" without the quotes in the the navigation bar. Press "Enter" to load the list of Firefox crash log. Select the most recent entry and scroll to find the name of the plugin, theme or other component that caused the accident. Disable or update the component to eliminate the causes the  accident. This information must be contained in the "Details> Signature"  or "Details> Reason" Crash sections.

4.Open the Tools menu in Firefox and select "Add-ons" if you cannot resolve the crash problem by disabling or updating a plug-in. Scroll through the list of installed browser add-ons, disabling add-ons one at a time in an attempt to correct the error. If the crash occurs when trying to view certain types of content, such as streaming video or other media files, focus in disabling add-ons that are related to that type of content.

5.From the Help menu and select "Troubleshooting Information" option if it crashes 
occur when you try to download files. Find fundamentals of demand "input, then click  the" Open Containing Folder "to open the folder containing the Firefox Profile. Quit Firefox and then select the" downloads.sqlite "file in your profile folder and delete it. This eliminates the download history, eliminating any problems with the file and that allows Firefox to create a new file when it is released again.

6.Firefox update. Some accidents are caused by problems in the Firefox program itself, such as problems with specific operating systems or accidents that occur only in new versions of Firefox. The updates may contain fixes for these crashes Firefox, which eliminates the problem of accidents after updating the browser is installed.

Tips & Warnings

1)Viruses and malware can also cause Firefox to crash. Run an antivirus and antimalware program regularly to remove these infections and prevent computer problems.

2)Some firewalls and other security software can cause crashes when trying to navigate the Internet. Make sure that Firefox has the appropriate permissions to access the Internet in any security programs you use.


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