Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mozilla Firefox not responding

At some time or another, your PC will have Mozilla Firefox problems!

If you use a secure Internet browser for any office, business or home, you will have problems with slow response, and a lot of CPU resources are consumed unnecessarily.

In other words, the computer will slow down dramatically (or even freeze), because the processor is "stuck" down with unnecessary processing tasks caused by the cycle of Mozilla Firefox is not responding. If you go to Task Manager, is the CPU usage is often 100%, making it is in the process of doing so, they stop until the team decides to return to of action.

Let’s explore what causes instances of Firefox not responding, and what can be done to eliminate this inconvenience.

1.) Disable:  Plugin-container.exe

The plug-in container was created to separate the Firefox plug-in processes within other processes required necessary for the operation of FF. When the plug-ins crash, the plugin will crash the container in a browser crash to ruin your internet search environment. Disable the plug-in container if you have low memory or an older computer. This can be done by:

Heading up to the Firefox address bar, then typing:     about:config

Next, navigate to the lines:    dom.ipc.plugins.enabled…….. (you can type dom.ipc in the field under the address bar labeled: filter, for quicker access to the line needed)

Double click of the lines to change their values from true to: false (If there is only one value to change, which is the value listed above, change that only, and close your browser)

2.) Update Mozilla Firefox

Sometimes there are problems that contribute to Firefox does not respond other than an outdated version that needs updating. The updates are useful because they help solve identified problems such as errors, accidents, vulnerabilities, hackers, and more instability. Can be easily updated Mozilla Firefox visits.

3.) Remove Firefox and reinstall it

If Firefox still refuses to cooperate and is causing problems with your productivity while working, please uninstall and reinstall Firefox. First, you should take steps back to bookmarks and favorites, and most importantly, to avoid losing important information. Remove and reinstall cure many problems related to software, if no other solutions be appropriate.

4.) Check for virus infections

When you can not find other good reasons for not responding Firefox, you should consider checking for viruses and malware. A good program, currently being updated, it is recommended that a full analysis is recommended for better detection.


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