Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fix Server not found Error in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is used by most of the individuals and the prevalent issue confronted by them is the concept Hosting server Not Discovered. Do you think it’s due to no online connection or low rate internet? No it’s not! So examine out the factors on why it sometimes reveals Hosting server Not Discovered mistake.

First you need to examine whether there can be any Internet access issue or web page issue. You can analyze this either by starting other websites in the internet browser itself or by starting the web page for which it is displaying this concept. Sometimes it’s compulsory to avoid pc protection websites, as some malwares may avoid being running themselves in the Firefox. Also you need to obvious the browser’s treats and the storage cache by going into Resources and then choosing Remove the storage cache.

How to get away from Server Not Found Error message:

First launch Firefox browser, go to Menu bar, Tools and select to clear the recent history. Set the time range and then click on the Clear now. By this every single cache stored in the Mozilla Firefox will be erased including logins and site preferences.

First release Firefox browser, go to Selection bar, Resources and choose to obvious the the past. Set the time range and then simply select the Clear now. By this every single storage cache saved in the Mozilla Firefox will be removed such as logins and site choices.

Now from the Menu Bar, go to Tools and select the Page Info and then click on view cookies. After that empty up all the list of cookies from the list.

The above tricks would definitely solve the Server Not found issue successfully. But the error might still be encountered in rare case. If you still find the error, then simply uninstall and again install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser. This will definitely solve the issue. Even you need to scan your PC in regular basis to ensure that this problem doesn’t come up in a nut shell.


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