Friday, 11 May 2012

Why Firefox Freezes?

When Firefox freezes, it stops responding to your clicks and keystrokes and doesn't seem to be doing anything.Also, a "(Not Responding)" label is displayed in the title bar and the mouse becomes a spinning wait cursor when it's over the Firefox window. This article gives you solutions to Firefox hangs depending on when they happen.

If Firefox uses a lot of computer resources, see the solutions proposed in Firefox consumes a lot of CPU          resources and High memory usage.
If you get a "Warning: Unresponsive script" prompt, see Warning Unresponsive script.
If Firefox closes unexpectedly, see Firefox crashes.

Troubleshoot your plugins

Sites that use plugins such as Java, Adobe Reader, or Flash can cause Firefox to hang. For information on troubleshooting plugins and on determining whether a plugin is causing your problem, see the Troubleshooting plugins  article.
Firefox freezes after using it for a long time
Update Firefox
The latest Firefox version includes improvements about memory usage, including during long sessions  Update Firefox to the latest version.
Restart Firefox
Firefox may freeze if left open for long periods of time. To fix the issue, restart Firefox.
If you regularly leave Firefox open so that you return to where you left off, you may want to use Firefox's Session Restore feature. For more information, see Configuring session restore.
Interactions between certain Internet security software (firewall, anti-virus software) is reported to cause the issue on some systems.

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