Thursday, 10 May 2012

How to Set a Homepage in firefox

If there's more than one site you always visit after starting up Firefox, you can set your homepage to open several tabs of different web sites at once automatically. From Firefox's Tools menu, Options, General, enter the addresses of sites separated by a pipe |, as shown above. Or, you can open up all the sites in tabs and hit the "Use Current Pages Its easy to set a homepage in Firefox. Firefox lets you set a group of websites as your home page. This article will give you some examples and step-by-step instructions for customizing your home page settings to best fit how you work.

 If you want some simple steps, here’s how to set your home page in three easy steps :- Set a single web site as your home page

1. Open the web site you want to set as your home page. If you want a blank home page, open a new tab

2. Click the icon to the left of the web address, drag it to the Home button, and release.

3. Click Yes to set this as your home page. Set more than one website as your home page .

This is the way to have one-click access to all of your favorite websites. For example, you can set the Firefox home button to open your email, favorite news site, and Facebook all at once.

 1. Open a new window and load the first web site you want in your home page.

 2. Click the new tab button and open the next web site you want in your home page.
      Repeat this step until you've opened all desired sites in new tabs.

 3. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP) and then
     click Options

 4. Select the General panel.

5. Click Use Current Pages.

 6. Click OK to close the Options window Firefox is really flexible – "you" decide what works best. Keep it simple and set a single website as your home page or set up one-click access to your favorite web sites and save time by having Firefox pick up where you left off when it starts. What works best for you? Try and see!

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