Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fix Slow Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most  web browsers in the world.
 Mozilla Firefox is one of the most well-known web browser in this cyber world. Is it okay if your Internet speed is too fast and your browser is running at a dial-up- speed ?  You cannot think about life without Firefox but over time, your favorite web browser keeps getting more slowly and more slowly. So now this article will help you to resolve this problem.
Not only is it gradually, firefox sometimes weighs for no reason, uses a lot of memory and CPU utilization can go up to 90% or more when you have several an eye open at the same time.
You have removed most of the plug-ins and tool bars, removed all the treats and internet short-term data files, fixed the file obtain line and incapable the criminal history check for software up-dates - but none of this has assisted you speed-up Firefox.
This is a prevalent issue especially if you have been operating  Firefox  a while - I don't know why Firefox decelerates but here's a little technique to revitalize the outdated backup of firefox without doing a clean set up.
Followings are the steps to resolve this problem:-
Step 1:- Start the firefox browser and then click on tools menu
Step 2:- Simply select ‘Options’ under ‘Tools’ and then select “Privacy” tab. There you can see  alternatives relevant to firefox record.   
Step 3:- Choose option ‘Use 'custom' setting For History’. Now there is a registered that we will you change the length of time that Chrome helps you to save history for.
Step 4:- Modify it from 90 to something like 10. Click on OK and close the screen.
Now reboot Firefox  and you can enjoy much faster Firefox and get rid of slowdowns. Ater that when you start Firefox in new profile , you will be very impressed about its speed.


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