Monday, 21 May 2012

How to Block Popups in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a Web browser. Firefox features user-friendly alternatives and advanced security alternatives to secure your pc from germs and trash with anti-phishing and anti-malware technological innovation. The web browser also allows users to prevent pop-up ms windows that appear from certain sites, and the choice to allow pop-ups to appear for reliable sites that you specify. It's important to have the pop-up blocker feature turned on when you go to new sites that could have dangerous pop-ups that could damage your pc.

Items you will need

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open the Mozilla Firefox  Web browser on your pc. Simply select the "Tools" choice from the top plugin selection and then select the "Options" choice.

2. Simply select the "Content" tab in the "Options" window. Simply select the box next to the "Block pop-up windows" field so that it's selected.

3. Simply select the "OK" option to save your changes. Simply select the "Reload" option on your web browser and then go to a web page that has pop-up ms windows. You'll notice that the pop-ups are clogged.

4. Simply select the "Tools" choice and then select the "Options" choice if you want to allow pop-up for specific sites. Simply select the "Content" tab and then select the "Exceptions" choice.

5. Enter the URL deal with of the web page you want to allow pop-ups for below the "Address of Website" going. Simply select the "Close" choice, and then select the "OK" option to take the changes.


  1. doesnt work. still has tons of popups.

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